MetroRapid Station Construction

Capital Metro has installed 8 pairs of new MetroRapid stations along Routes 801 & 803 since last fall.

A few of the new MetroRapid stations have opened without the full shelter and digital signage that other stations along the line feature. That's because those locations are under consideration for further development through the city of Austin's Corridor Improvement Program and will be under construction in the near future. Rather than construct permanent stations that would then need to be removed, these MetroRapid stations feature MetroBus shelters instead.

Slaughter Station

A pair of MetroRapid stations will serve Route 801 on South Congress (one northbound and the other southbound), just north of Slaughter Lane. The shelters have been installed at the location already, but the stations will not open until later in 2019 when development at the intersection is completed and sidewalks are built to access the service.