Lakeline Blvd. Closed to Through Traffic, 3/18-4/5

Lakeline Boulevard will be closed to through traffic for a period of up to 3 weeks beginning Monday, March 18. Capital Metro is performing construction work on the portion of MetroRail track that crosses the street near Lakeline Station.

This work makes it necessary that Lakeline Blvd. be closed to through traffic between Lyndhurst/Staked Plains and Parmer while the work is taking place. MetroBus, MetroExpress and MetroRail customers will be able to access Lakeline Station from the Lyndhurst/Staked Plains side (on the southwest) but not from Parmer.

No MetroRail Service from Lakeline, 3/23

Also, there will be no MetroRail service from Lakeline Station on Saturday, March 23, due to the construction work. MetroRail will operate between Howard and Downtown Stations that day, and there will be shuttle bus service from Lakeline Station. The bus bridge between Lakeline and Howard Stations will operate on the MetroRail schedule. MetroRail service will not be affected otherwise during construction except for minor delays due to speed restrictions the week of March 25.