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Advertising on Cap Metro services is easier than ever, and this is the best time.

  • Our beautiful town in the hills of Central Texas is a thriving oasis of ingenuity and ideas. All the things that make Austin crackle and hum - tech culture, the Capitol, UT, art, music, great food and street life - are the same things that make the city a target-rich media environment. Let your brand become part of the Austin vibe - a moving billboard taking your message right where you want to be seen.

    • Among top 5 fastest growing cities
    • 2.1 million residents in the Austin metro area
    • 19.8 million tourists annually
    • Median age is 33.5, compared to 37 nationally
    • Median family income of $75,763
    • 170,000 college students living and working in the area
    Total Austin population2,050,719
    Caucasian1,250,33251.6 %

    Visitors from around the world come to the Austin area to attend events like the U.S. Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas, SXSW, the Austin City Limits Festival and other well-known events.

  • Cap Metro's bus services include more than 400 buses on 81 routes, serving more than 2,500 bus stops and transporting approximately 98,000 passengers daily - Texas' highest per capita ridership.

    • 69 percent of bus riders use Capital Metro at least 5 days a week.
    • The average age of a Capital Metro user is 35 years old.
    • Capital Metro riders are 37 percent Caucasian, 31 percent Hispanic/Latino, 20 percent African-American, 7 percent Asian-American and 3 percent who identify as another race or ethnicity. The average Capital Metro rider has lived in Austin 8.44 years.
    1 unit (bus)
    25 showing (49 buses)
    50 showing (98 buses)
    NUMBER OF MONTHS123123123
    Average frequency1.1x1.2x1.3x7.4X13.9X20.3X13.9X26.8X39.8X
    Gross rating points1224356511,3021,9531,3022,6033,905
    Number reached (000)94171235835890910890919929
    Total impressions (000)1052093146,16812,33618,50512,33624,67337,009
    Reached 3+ times0.0%0.0%0.0%67.0%82.0%87.8%82.0%90.9%89.8%
    Reached 5+ times0.0%0.0%0.1%50.3%71.1%80.0%71.1%84.8%89.8%
    Reached 10+ times0.0%0.0%0.0%24.0%49.1%62.6%49.1%70.7%79.8%

    Have ads? Will travel - Advertising with Capital Metro is easier than ever.

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