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Zoom Downtown, Toll Free!

We've added trips to several of our MetroExpress routes, and 3 of them take advantage of the MoPac Express Lanes, letting riders bypass traffic.

With 50% more service, faster trips downtown and toll-free access to the fast lane, Cap Metro gives you better choices than ever before. Express buses have free Wi-Fi, comfy seats and room for your bike. They save you money on tolls, gas and car maintenance ... so why fight traffic?

And now ... weekend service!

Routes 980 North MoPac Express and 985 Leander/Lakeline Direct now offer Saturday service! That comes just in time to make up for the coming MetroRail service disruption. The 980 will get you from Howard Station to downtown and the UT campus, and the 985 begins in Leander, serves Lakeline Station, connects to Republic Square and ends on campus. Both routes operate from 4 p.m. past midnight on Saturdays!

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A guaranteed ride home

If you're worried about how you'll get home in case of an emergency and thus hesitant to take the train, then we've got you covered. The Guaranteed Ride Home program provides registered MetroExpress, MetroFlyer, MetroRail and MetroRideShare customers with a taxi ride home from work in the event of an unexpected emergency. For an annual membership fee of $5, you can register and get reimbursed for up to 4 emergency taxi rides a year.