January 2020 Service Changes

Capital Metro regularly makes changes to its service to improve the customer experience and respond to shifts in how our riders use the service.

The current changes include:

  • Adjusting MetroExpress routing and scheduling.
  • Restoring Saturday MetroRail service after the completion of construction.
  • Adjusting service in Round Rock.

Continuous improvement is our goal and so we take seriously what our customers tell us about our services. The January 2020 service changes respond to that feedback and are meant to improve the rider experience while making sure our system runs as efficiently as possible.

These changes were approved by the Capital Metro board of directors October 28 and took effect Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020.

    • We've adjusted the schedules of Routes 980 North MoPac Express and 985 Leander/Lakeline Direct to accommodate new riders and make sure our customers continue to receive strong service.
    • Howard Station was also added as a permanent addition to the 980’s service. The route began to serve Howard Station (in addition to the adjacent New Life Park & Ride) to accommodate MetroRail’s summer service disruption. The decision to make this move permanent came after receiving positive customer and operational feedback.
    • We removed the Saturday service that began in the summer to accommodate MetroRail’s service disruption.
  • Saturday service returns and now features all 9 MetroRail stations, including Leander Station, which previously did not receive weekend service. MetroRail also has added 3 daily trips to serve even more customers and extended the service hours so the last train now departs downtown after 7 p.m. Schedules for Rail Connector routes at MLK and Kramer Stations have also been extended to match the extra MetroRail service. View the January 2020 MetroRail Schedule.

  • Due to the limited-stop nature of some Round Rock service, some route names were changed. The former Route 52 became Route 152, and the former Route 50 Round Rock Howard Station was split into 2 routes: Route 50 and Route 150 Round Rock La Frontera.

  • A few routes saw changes to schedules, hours of service or routing to accommodate changes in ridership patterns and construction projects:

    • Bus stops for Routes 1 and 3 were combined with MetroRapid Routes 801 and 803 at four locations downtown: Austin History Center Station (northbound and southbound) and Republic Square Station (northbound and southbound).
    • Route 337 Koenig/Colony Park returned to its previous routing using Loyola Lane to cross U.S. 183 rather than operating on the detoured route it’s used since 2018 between Crystal Brook and Springdale.
    • To match the level of service to customer demand, the hours of service on E-Bus service (Routes 410, 411 and 412) have been shortened, beginning later in the evening.
    • Minor schedule adjustments for multiple routes to improve reliability.