June 2020 Service Changes

Capital Metro regularly makes changes to its service to improve the customer experience and respond to shifts in how our riders use the service.

In June, these changes could include:

  • Adjusting service to accommodate changes to the Oak Hill Park & Ride.
  • Minor adjustments to weekday MetroRail service.
  • Minor schedule and service adjustments to ensure better, more efficient system performance.
  • Seasonal adjustments accounting for the end of the school year.

Continuous improvement is our goal and so we take seriously what our customers tell us about our services. The June 2020 service changes respond to that feedback and are meant to improve the rider experience while making sure our system runs as efficiently as possible.

These changes would take effect Sunday, May 31.

  • The Oak Hill Park & Ride will be relocated from its current location at U.S. Hwy. 290 and William Cannon to ACC’s Pinnacle campus (located at 7748 Hwy. 290 West). TxDOT owns the property the current facility occupies and is preparing for construction of the upcoming Oak Hill Parkway.

    Route 171 Oak Hill Flyer would be re-routed to the parking facilities at the Pinnacle campus as a result.

  • Schedules for MetroRail trips would be adjusted to ensure more efficient and reliable service. Please consult MetroRail schedules and use the online Trip Planner or the CapMetro App to determine when to meet your train.

  • Small changes would be made to the schedules of certain routes to match the level of service to customer demand, to improve the performance of the transit network and to account for overcrowding on some trips. While these changes would affect various routes, Round Rock service would see specific schedule changes intended to ensure better connections with other CapMetro bus routes and MetroRail trips.

  • Some routes would stop operating school-related trips, E-Bus service would be suspended for the summer and UT Shuttle routes would begin to operate their summer service.

    • School trips on Routes 4, 217, 333 & 337 would be suspended until the next school year begins in August.
    • E-Bus Routes 410, 411 and 412 would also suspend their service until August.
    • UT Shuttle Routes 640, 641, 642, 656, 661, 663, 670, 671, 672, 680, 681 & 682 would shift to their summer service levels until the fall session begins.