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It's Go Time!

It's for everyoneGood for ATX

By 2040, 4 million people will call Central Texas home – that means 4 million more people will be on Central Texas roads. We already have some of the worst traffic in the country - can you imagine what it will be like when our population doubles? We need innovative solutions that can be put in place faster to provide their benefits sooner.

So, what are the benefits of Project Connect’s vision? It goes beyond how we move people from A to Z; great cities are built to take care of their people. And it's important to remember why all these people are moving here: It's because Austin and Central Texas are great places to live! The fact that we have traffic congestion means people want to be here and want to get out and enjoy all that Austin has to offer. More public transportation options will benefit us all, both for when you drive your car and when you take transit. It's not this or that. It's this and that.

Better transit gives you more options.

You shared your priorities — easing traffic, more transit options, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions — and with that feedback we’ve developed a vision of a modern, sustainable transit system that builds on what we have today to create the Austin and Central Texas of tomorrow

We’re building a public transportation system to match the growth in innovation and development our region is experiencing. Investing in transit helps protect what we love about Central Texas and improves our quality of life now and into the future.

Even if you don't use public transit – we all need it. Everyone wants good schools and strong public safety departments. We need a high-quality transit system just like we need those other public services - because it serves everyone. What we decide now will be the foundation for the growth that's coming tomorrow.