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Project Connect Frequently Asked Questions

Statement from Capital Metro about COVID-19 & Project Connect

The Capital Metro team has a responsibility to be ready not just for after the pandemic recedes, but for what Austin will look like in 2040. Capital Metro’s top priority right now is supporting our community during COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 crisis, ridership dropped about 60%; however, CapMetro still provided nearly 40,000 essential trips per day. This crisis has highlighted how critical transit is. We also made significant changes to keep our operators and customers safe, started new programs to deliver food and resources to vulnerable populations, and we continue to stay nimble to support people living in Central Texas.

In the context of COVID-19, economic growth and job opportunity have become even more relevant to Central Texans. Construction of Project Connect as planned is likely to generate 20,000 direct and indirect jobs per $1 billion spent over the build-out of the plan. The consistent stream of phased project construction can provide people with steady paychecks for years to come.

Traffic in Austin dropped by nearly half when the COVID-19 crisis began. When the community returns to work, traffic will be back too. Project Connect is our opportunity to move beyond the gridlock, improve air quality and strengthen connections to our communities.