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It's Go Time!

A picture of three people (two men and a woman) Man walking across parking lot towards man and woman standing and talking in front of a parked Metro Express Bus

Project Connect will bring 24 new Park & Rides that would allow for residents of outlying parts of Austin and nearby cities to connect into downtown without adding to traffic. They will be welcoming, well-designed facilities that provide a starting point or destination for customers, and a chance to connect to further transportation options.

Enhanced customer amenities could include food vendors, charging for electric vehicles and access to rentals for bikes, scooters and other transportation choices. Ample shade and seating areas add a greater level of comfort, and public art installations will elevate community placemaking.

Capital Metro currently has 16 Park & Rides, and Project Connect will create an additional 24 (including 10 that are outside the service area). They will elevate our services with placemaking amenities and improved connections – all tailored to the particular neighborhoods they serve. That could include unique landscaping and lighting, increased parking and improved access for pedestrians and bicyclists to ensure their safety.