MetroRail Service Update

Starting this summer, MetroRail's going to experience some growing pains, and that will affect the way you travel into and out of downtown.

For starters, Downtown Station will close for several months during construction of a new MetroRail station, and a shuttle will bring you from Plaza Saltillo to 4th and Trinity Streets. Also, to let our Rail Operations team focus on implementing the positive train control system (PTC), MetroRail's weekend service will be discontinued until the end of 2019.

But, you have options! We're taking care of our customers with added MetroExpress service and our High-Frequency Network

  • We've got you covered during this MetroRail service disruption. Still taking the train? No worries, a shuttle will take you to 4th & Trinity. Want to take a bus instead? We've got loads of them that offer great service.

    • Plaza Saltillo shuttle - Route 451 Downtown/Saltillo Shuttle will bring customers between Plaza Saltillo and 4th and Trinity. Customers heading north from Plaza Saltillo will need to add in extra time for the shuttle service! MetroRail trains will leave at their scheduled times and not wait for shuttles that could be stuck in traffic.
    • Added service on MetroExpress Routes 980 and 985 to accommodate new riders. Ridership has grown on our MetroExpress routes, because the service is so great. Check it out for yourself!
    • Catching the bus from downtown after work? Your MetroExpress bus stop is at Guadalupe and 5th Streets (Stop ID 2612). Then head home using the MoPac Express Lanes, waving to the traffic as you zoom on by.
  • The December 2020 federal deadline for PTC is no joke, and so our team needs to focus on that work. To cover that missing Saturday rail service, MetroExpress Routes 980 and 985 will operate whenever MetroRail would: 4 p.m. to midnight.