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It's Go Time!

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More people are moving here every day. We have to shift the way people get around – our region needs a better transit system. It’s Go Time.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been gathering feedback from across the region to determine the needs of our community. What we’ve found is there’s no simple solution. It’s about developing a complete transportation system that works for us all, a system that supports and prioritizes transit.

It's good for everyone

Project Connect could improve our quality of life by creating a sustainable, state-of-the-art transit system that would move more people into, out of and around the region we call home. It’s about moving more people through the same space, more efficiently.

So, what would the plan look like?

  • Transitways that give customers a way to move free from traffic though the Orange Line and Blue Line.
  • 100+ miles of high-capacity transit service that gives us more choices and eases traffic for everyone
  • Expanded and improved commuter rail to give more people the chance to ride, not drive
  • A stronger bus network, with high-frequency MetroBus service, up to 7 MetroRapid lines and more MetroExpress routes to link outlying neighborhoods
  • Electric-powered transit fleets that are better for our environment
  • 100+ stations with real-time tracking to give customers confidence when riding
  • New and improved transit hubs that connect residential areas and regional activity centers