Major Projects

Capital Metro has entered a transformative period of our history. In 2018, we implemented the largest service change in our history with Cap Remap, and 2019 and beyond will see the development of Project Connect and the multi-generational investment it will bring to Central Texas.

  • Project Connect

    A multi-generational investment in the public transportation system of Central Texas, Project Connect will deliver a truly regional transit plan. 

  • Downtown Station

    MetroRail's new Downtown Station broke ground in March and, once construction is completed in 2021, will facilitate connections between MetroRail customers and the rest of downtown Austin.

  • MetroRail Improvements

    It's not just a new Downtown Station we're working on. Check out what else is happening with MetroRail.

  • Plaza Saltillo District

    One of the largest transit-oriented developments in the region is set to open its first phase in the spring of 2019.

  • Westgate Transit Center

    South Austin's new transit hub will provide connections between Cap Metro buses, other mobility options and the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Connections 2025

    Connections 2025 is Capital Metro's transit plan designed to create a more frequent, more reliable and better connected system. It will guide the evolution of our network over the next 5 years and identifies long-range opportunities for the next decade