Unsolicited Proposal Program

Capital Metro encourages and welcomes unsolicited proposals. Our goal for the Unsolicited Proposal Program is to create an open door for ideas and innovations that have the potential to improve our services. Central Texas residents want to see innovative thinking in everything we do, and so do we.

Whether it would reduce costs, offer a new service, or help us deliver a better experience to our customers, we're always looking outside our organization for opportunities to improve. This program allows Cap Metro to hear from people who might otherwise not get that chance. We believe in a philosophy of continuous improvement, and we want to use experiments and pilot programs that let us succeed or fail fast. That gives us the chance to learn quickly and grow efficiently.

More Info

For more details, download our
Unsolicited Proposal FAQ


A valid unsolicited proposal must:

  • Be innovative and unique.
  • Be independently originated and developed by the proposer.
  • Be prepared without Capital Metro supervision, endorsement, direction, or direct involvement.
  • Include sufficient detail to permit a determination that Capital Metro support could be worthwhile, and the proposed work could benefit our mission responsibilities.
  • Not be an advance proposal for a known agency requirement that can be acquired by competitive methods.
  • Not be in response to a Capital Metro solicitation

Capital Metro encourages potential proposers to make preliminary contacts with appropriate agency personnel before expending extensive effort on a detailed unsolicited proposal or submitting proprietary data to Capital Metro. This preliminary contact includes:

  • Inquiries as to the general need for the type of proposal contemplated.
  • Contacts with agency technical personnel for the limited purpose of obtaining an understanding of the agency mission and responsibilities relative to the type of proposal contemplated.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals should be submitted electronically to UnsolicitedProposals@capmetro.org, or sent via carrier or hand carried to:

Procurement Department
Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
2910 E 5th Street
Austin, TX 78702

Hardcopy proposals should be marked on the outer package as an unsolicited proposal and include a full electronic copy of all proposal materials.